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  • A little peek at where all the magic happens! ✨ PS- the new site is LIVE. Check it out at swoonandcocreative.com and let me know what you think!
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  • Hi! I’m Chelsea, the founder and lead designer of Swoon & Co. Creative. This little miss on my lap is Millie, my MILs pupper who likes to follow me around and be part of whatever I’m doing 😂 (seriously, I tried very hard to exclude her from this mini photoshoot but she made her way back in every time, haha). I figured now is a good time to tell you all a little about myself, so here goes!
✔️ I’m 26 and live in Vancouver with my fiancé and big oaf of a lapdog Duke (he’s a 75lb yellow lab and likes to be carried 😂) 🐶👫
✔️ My favorite part about my job is that I am constantly learning 💻
✔️ I love traveling! I’ve been to 18 countries and there are so many more I want to experience ✈️
✔️ I live on coffee (big surprise, right?) ☕️
✔️ I love camping! My fiancé and I do a lot of it throughout the year and it’s such a good way to totally disconnect from the outside world and recharge ⛺️
✔️ My fave type of food is Thai! Green curry all day baby (I make a pretty good one, too) 😍🍵
✔️ Other than branding and web design, my other main interests are green/non-toxic beauty, personal finance and being outdoors 💄💰🛶
Your turn! Tell me a little bit about yourself! 💙