This post contains affiliate links. The instructions in this post are Bluehost specific but will be similar for other hosts.

So, you want to know how start a blog on WordPress?

Confused about how to start a blog on WordPress? This step-by-step guide makes it easy! Learn how to start a blog on WordPress and get blogging ASAP. The idea of starting a blog is great, but the actual process of doing so can be confusing and bit daunting- especially when it comes to setting up a WordPress blog on your own. We hope this article will help ease the confusion a bit and create a streamlined, easy process for you to follow! Read on to learn how to start a blog on WordPress.


We often have clients who don’t understand what the purpose of web hosting is and how WordPress and web hosting work together. This is how we can best explain it: think of web hosting like a computer, and WordPress as an application. You need the computer to run the application, as you need web hosting to use WordPress. We recommend Bluehost if you’re just starting your blog or don’t have a ton of traffic at the moment. They are competitively priced and include a domain name. We recommend purchasing the first few terms all at once to secure the lowest price and save money in the long run, but that’s totally up to you!


Log in to your Bluehost account. Go to Hosting (in the top navigation bar) and be sure you are on the cPanel page. Under “Website Builders”, click on WordPress.

When the Mojo Marketplace opens up after clicking WordPress, choose “INSTALL (a brand new instance)”. Select your domain name and click “check domain”. On the last step of the install, it may say you are overwriting files but as long as this is a brand new installation (ie. you have not installed WordPress on this domain before) then you are fine to select overwrite. Click install now! WordPress will now start installing and you can see the process in the progress bar at the top of the screen. WordPress will then email you your login information OR you can click “view processes” on that progress bar when it’s complete, and then click “view credentials”. You can then login to your new WordPress site with the assigned login information, and once logged in go to Users > All Users, then edit your user to change your password to something you will remember. Good job, you’re done the most confusing part!


Almost done, we promise. This is the most fun part! You now get to choose what your blog will look like. You have a couple options here: you can either work with a designer on a customized theme (check out our services here) or choose a pre-made theme. Here are some places to purchase WordPress themes that we highly recommend (all built on the Genesis framework which you need to purchase separately- one of the biggest perks of having a child theme on the Genesis framework is that if there is a theme update made, you will not lose changes to your child theme)!

From Studiopress:

  • Foodie Pro (an excellent theme for anyone, not just foodies!)
  • Brunch Pro (the “little sister” of Foodie Pro- a bit more minimalistic but just as beautiful)
  • Simply Pro (a very classy, clean theme- perfect for anything from lifestyle to fashion to food to beauty bloggers!)
  • Modern Studio Pro (love this theme for beauty and fashion bloggers that want a modern, clean design)
  • Cafe Pro (perfect for restaurants, but also for any professional wanting to display their services)

From Restored 316 Designs:

  • Dazzling (this theme is AMAZING for fashion bloggers!)
  • Divine (one of our all time favorite themes for all sorts of bloggers, not just foodies. Cheaper to purchase from Studiopress if you’ve already purchased the Genesis framework from there!)
  • Market (another new theme that is incredible for bloggers AND small businesses)
  • Glam (beautiful and a fave with fashion/beauty bloggers, but will work for any blogger. Cheaper to purchase from Studiopress if you’ve already purchased the Genesis framework from there!)
  • Savory (hands down one of our favorite layouts for all types of bloggers. Very visually appealing for those with nice photography!)

From Hello You Designs:

  • Hello Serendipitous (a beautiful theme for both shops and bloggers!)
  • Hello Foxy (this would be awesome for any sort of small biz with a portfolio- photographers, graphic designers, etc)
  • Hello Nouveau (gorgeous minimalist theme for small businesses)
  • Hello Trending (SO many beautiful features in this theme that is perfect for small businesses and bloggers alike)
  • Hello Gorgeous (this would be AMAZING for a photographer, but really would work for any sort of site!)

From Pretty Darn Cute Design:

  • Pretty Chic (cheaper to purchase from Studiopress if you’ve already purchased the Genesis framework from there!)
  • Pretty Sweet (such a good layout if you’re looking for something Pinterest-esque)
  • Fun (just a fun, cheerful looking theme- perfect for lifestyle bloggers)
  • Creative (perfect for, you guessed it, creatives. Cheaper to purchase from Studiopress if you’ve already purchased the Genesis framework from there!)
  • Swank (love this layout for small biz websites!)

Once you purchase Genesis and your child theme (or just your theme, if you purchase a non-Genesis one), log onto your WordPress blog, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > and then upload your whole zip file. Upload Genesis first if you are using a Genesis child theme, and then upload your child theme zip file after. Be sure to click “activate” once the theme is uploaded and you are good to go! You can now play with customization options under appearance > customize and go bask in your blog’s beauty.

If setting up your site and installing a theme scares the heck out of you, work with us and we’ll take care of it all for you!

ENJOY BLOGGING! I hope this is helpful and helps you learn how to start a blog on WordPress!